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The Competition

Solvers’ Cup is an exclusive international case competition for students of the most prestigious universities. The participants are not only there to prove that they are among the best case solvers, but also to get to know other talents and to improve each other by sharing their unique views.
The teams of four students must solve two complex business strategy cases and present their solutions in front of a professional jury. The winning team will get the Solvers’ Cup for one year. Solvers’ Cup is organized by Case Solvers, an organization with six years of experience in case solving trainings and competitions.

Solvers' Cup 2019

August 8-11

Winners of

Solvers' Cup 2019

Winners of Treasure Hunt

Csenge Krisztina Szabó

Niklas Laute

Kevin-Alexander Klus

Balázs Pukli

Winner of BAT video Contest

Team Corvinus

Winner of Special Prize by PMI

Team Babes-Bolyai

4-hour Case 1st place

Team Münster

4-hour Case 2nd place

Team Belgrade

4-hour Case 3rd place

Team Corvinus

10-hour Case 1st place

Team Imperial

10-hour Case 2nd place

Team Babes-Bolyai

10-hour Case 3rd place

Team Corvinus

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Solvers’ Cup is organized by Case Solvers, an organization with six years of experience in case trainings and competitions.

In the past six years Case Solvers has experienced case competitions from every aspect imaginable. That is the reason why we are able to organize a unique competition which pays attention to the needs of everyone who has the slightest part in Solvers' Cup

  • as competitors

    Our trainers have gained experience in number of national and international case study competitions. We know exactly what it is like to compete and what the competitors need to do best so we consider these as the most important aspects of organizing a competition.

  • as trainers

    We have prepared more than 3 500 competitions worldwide with our 150+ case solving trainigs and direct sessions for teams of the world's best business schools.

  • as case study writers

    We have written more than 15 case studies for competitions of our own or of our partners'. The topics have always been diverse: from Loxon Solutions' bank services through the festival map of Sziget Kft. to the telecommunications industry with Telekom Hungary.

  • as jury

    Being a jury is always an honourable task and many of our members have been lucky enough to fill this position once or more in the last six years. This helps us when preparing teams for competitions and also when organizing one: knowing what skills the jury members need to make the best decision is an indisputable advantage.

  • as organizers

    We were continously searching for the best competition and we had a thought: why not try to organize one of our own? This is how the Case Solvers of the Year competition was born in 2014 and we are happy to say that based on the feedbacks, we did a good job. This is why we decided to take it to the next level by organizing Hungary's first international case study competition, the Solvers' Cup.


We are grateful to our partners for supporting the 2019 event and making it possible to organize an international case competition in Budapest.

If you are interested as a partner in the 2019 edition, contact us!
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Solvers' Cup Online

Solvers’ Cup Online gives an opportunity to those who cannot participate in the invitational competition. The online registered teams have to solve the same case study as the invited teams. They will receive a case on 10th August 2019 which they must solve in 10 hours on the day. The winner of the online competition will be selected by a committee made up of selected trainers of Case Solvers. The winner will be notified no later than 09.00 (09:00 am, CET), 11th August via e-mail. If the winning team of the online competition is a Hungarian team, we will invite them to the closing ceremony of the competition.